A tangled bank


“We are threads in the tapestry of life on earth…”

Short post tonight. Much will be said about in the March in the coming years, and it will be said better than I could hope to do.

I’m happy with how many people came out today. Friends, colleagues, professors, and the city of Philadelphia. As of now (~6pm on Saturday night), initial estimates put attendance somewhere in the vicinity of twenty to twenty-five thousand. As only one march of 600+ around the globe – this feels good.

My day began at 5:30 this morning, partly to pack, and partly because sleep was out of the question at that point. Three months had led up to the next few hours, and it had to count. The world is watching.

One image I will never forget is that of the City Hall courtyard, before the rain arrived, filled with signs and people and a collective mission, as cherry blossom petals drift down upon the crowd, a calm before the storm…


“As much as we want to believe that the value of science is self-evident, it seems we cannot take it for granted…”

As speakers came and went, the steadily growing drizzle started to thin the crowd, but there was a good crop of people who stayed it out until the end. Even those without raincoats braved the weather and cheered on. (If I keel over from pneumonia in the next few weeks, you’ll know why.)

There was an excellent, diverse, passionate group of people speaking for Philly. Scientists, teachers, organizers, House Representatives. From what I can see, there were similar lineups in DC and New York and Chicago and elsewhere. Antarctica was somewhat limited to the first two groups – but what can you do, eh?

Of course the TED (Daeschler) talk was the best from a totally objective and unbiased he’s-definitely-not-my-professor perspective, and a few highlights have been interspersed throughout the page. Video of it probably exists somewhere (EDIT: see this one, the official version posted by ANS). If I dare to say it, the paleontologists always have the best and most profound messages. (Astronomers, you’re free to argue. Come at me.)

To say the least – today was cathartic in the best way.


“…Get out into the classrooms, the town halls, the corridors of democracy…”

Those who conceived of the March have said time and time again that this is nothing more than a beginning. Today was fun, despite the weather, but it’s pretty pointless if we all just collectively decided to walk home, take a nap, and go on with our lives as if this was just another day. Follow through. Back up your words. Get out there. Do whatever it takes. To hell and back again.

Don’t touch that dial now, we’re just getting started.


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